Hello! I am so glad you’re here. ‘Healthy Bakes’ is a one stop blog where you get to order and relish fresh cakes that are absolutely moist, forgiving and just perfect for any special occasion.

‘Healthy Bakes’ is a collection of delectable and flavorful ‘Whole Wheat Egg-less Cakes’ baked in Rice Bran Oil in our own home kitchen. You’ll be highly pleased and delighted to grab these cakes just to make your special moments even more beautiful and memorable.

Our healthy and nutrition packed cakes stand unique for freshness, flavors and textures that can be gulped guilt free. You are sure to order them over and over again. I am self-schooled and got to learn numerous traditional baking techniques with a lot of experiments in my very own kitchen, which boosted my confidence level.

Our freshly baked cakes make you smile, reach for more and will leave you talk about it for hours after finishing.

“My husband and my children are my greatest inspiration for baking. I owe all the credit I get for this space to my family. Each time, I love the satisfaction of seeing my family relish these home baked healthy cakes.  My parents, are of-course my full time supporters for whatever I do!”


I hope you have a great time placing your orders at Healthy Bakes.